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Fountain In Arboretum, Ipswich


Christ Church Mansion, Ipswich


Christchurch Park Mansion, Ipswich


Ipswich. Christchurch Park, Queen Victoria Statue


Round Pond And Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich


Upper Arboretum, Ipswich


The Round Pond, Christ Church Park


Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich


Views Of Ipswich


Wolsey's Gate & St Peter's Church, Ipswich


St Peter's Church & Wolsey's Gate, Ipswich


St Peter's Church and Wolsey's Gate, Ipswich


Ipswich, Wolsey's Gateway, Interior


The Custom House, Ipswich


The Old Manor House, Ipswich


The Old Manor House


Ipswich, Wolsey Gate & St Peter's Ch.


Ipswich, Holy Wells, From The Drive

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